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Zero-G Rite Flour - 4 kg

Rs. 476.00 Rs. 595.00
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 Zero-G Gluten-free Rite Flour. Zero-G's gluten-free Rite Flour is a top notch atta (flour) made from Sorghum (Jowar) & Millet; free from allergens like wheat/gluten, soy, milk/lactose, egg, sugar, yeast, colors, & preservatives. A fabulous choice for those with gluten intolerance, it handles & rolls much like regular atta, allowing you to prepare rotis with ease. Rich in potassium, iron, & fibre, regular use of this flour is great for people with hypertension, diabetes, & weight issues. For a healthier, versatile cooking experience, Zero-G's Rite Flour is the easy choice. With its low glycemic index, it's ideal for diabetics, and it provides essential vitamins and minerals for essential nutrition.

Allergen Matrix:



Lactose & Dairy-Free










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Key Features:

  • Totally Gluten Free Atta
  • Tastes delicious , without compromise
  • Can be rolled conveniently
  • Does not have to be made in small round thick sizes unlike others
  • Has very high dietary fibres,
  • Does not require excessive water for maintaining stability
  • Contains no artificial preservatives or colours
  • Excellent source for complex Carbohydrates

Recommended usage/ Cooking Tips:

  • Suitable for making Rotis, Parathas, and Pooris. Use it as a healthier alternative for wheat in most recipes.
  • For softer dough, use hot water for kneading.
  • Roll it like a normal roti, poori or paratha. While rolling it may split slightly at the edges. With little practice, you can blow your rotis, pooris and parathas easily.

Vegetarian : Yes

Ingredients: Sorghum, Finger Millet and Potato Starch

Caution :This product is neither a medicine nor a substitute for medicine/ medical advice/ medical intervention for any medical condition.

Country of Manufacturing : India