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News Talk -There are a lot of fun ways to ring in the New Year.

News Talk -There are a lot of fun ways to ring in the New Year.

There are a lot of fun ways to ring in the New Year. Many of them involve goals, champagne, and fresh starts (minus the diet, OF COURSE). But one way we really enjoy welcoming in the new? With a themed workout! We’ve done this for a few years now (see here for a fun one), but here’s the gist: we take the year and design a really fun full-body, no-equipment-needed workout around it. Since it’s now 2020, you’ll be doing 20 reps of the following 20 moves for one sweat-filled and heart-pumping workout! Grab a mat, some water, a towel, your favorite tunes (try these if you’re looking for musical inspiration), and get to it! (And, yep, for all the moves that you do on each side of your body — like lunges and mountain climbers — doing them on both sides one time equals one rep.)When trauma stems from bullying, the wounds are very raw. Being intimidated or demeaned leaves you emotionally vulnerable, sad, depressed, and angry. It can be difficult to trust others which isolates you further. I’ve been surprised at the large number of memory stories about bullying. Stories not only from America but in countries all across the globe. Those who have healed the most from bullying have one common denominator: they learned to let people in. Esperanza’s story is a good example of someone who was being bullied and was scared. One day some other kids performed a simple of act of kindness. They waved to her in the lunchroom. She had two choices in how to respond to this attempt at friendship. She picked the right one.I’ll end on a lighter note and share my own story about The Dog Who Became a Tree. It’s not about healing from trauma, but it is about affirming life after loss. If I have learned anything from reading autobiographical stories from ordinary people, it is that life is messy and people are resilient. As Dr. Maltz discovered, the scars are often tucked deep within. Luckily, it doesn’t require a plastic surgeon to make you feel worthy and loved. It only requires reflection, courage, and tenacity.