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Wellspring Malt-O-Life

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Brand: Wellspring - Malt-O-Life - Dry Barley Malt, Natural Goodness, No Added Sugar, Non Diastic, Natural sugar with nutty flavor, Healthy Complex Carbs, Low glycemic Index, Contains Digestive Enzymes, Delicious, Best with hot or cold Milk, Flavour Enhancer in Baked Recipes, Good for Digestive Health

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Wellspring is a brand of nutition and health supplements. Wellspring Malt-O-Life – Dry Barley Malt Extract Powder – Natural Goodness. No added sugar. Non-Diastatic. Delicious. Best with hot or cold milk. Flavour enhancer in baked recipes. Good for digestive health. It gives a beautiful colour, lasting flavour, mild sweetness and numerous health benefits. Natural sweetener with Nutty Flavour. Healthy Complex Carbs. Low Glycemic Index. Contains digestive enzymes.

Contains enzymes good for gut health. Low glycemic food. Has healthy slow-acting complex carbs for active individuals. Good for growing children to senior citizens. Aids in smooth bowel movement and improves gut flora.

Recommended dosage: 10-20g [1 or 2 tablespoons] Suggested Use: With milk – Makes milk delicious, also improves bowl movement. Add 1 tablespoon (15g) to a cup of hot or cold milk. Baking – Imparts delicious nutty flavour and gives caramel colour. Cooking – Can be added to porridge, custard, puddings etc. for a flavour twist.

Free from :Nuts, Egg, Meat

Vegetarian : Yes


Barley Malt Extract, Whey Protein Concentrate

Caution :This product is neither a medicine nor a substitute for medicine/ medical advice/ medical intervention for any medical condition.

Country of Manufacturing : India